The deer hunting season is always a big event in Northwest Ohio and SE Michigan,…and a family tradition!  We invite all our listeners and hunters to show off their harvest….. A picture of you with your trophy deer on the K100, 94.5, and 98.3 websites this hunting season!

“BUCK FEVER” is a great opportunity to get these passionate hunters involved in your business as consumers.  Each year, hunters spend on average around $1,100 based on travel, hunting equipment, attire, and processing.  (U.S. Dept. of Gaming/National Retail Federation)

Promotional Time:  October 9th – November 5th

From October 9th through November 5th, hunters will go to,, or  to share their pictures of their deer, and a chance to win a prize package from our sponsors……YOUR BUSINESS!   They will upload their photos at our special “Buck Fever” page for everyone to see.

By sharing their pictures with us,  all hunters will automatically be registered to win the prize package created  by our sponsors. 

K100, 98.3 Nash Icon, and Classic Rock 94.5 will pick the grand prize winner after the promotion ends, with smaller prizes for 2nd and 3rd place.

When we pick the grand prize winner, the winner must prove that their picture was real, and not something downloaded from the internet.

All Sponsors will receive:  October 9th – November 5th

Name inclusion in a minimum of 25 LIVE/recorded station programming promotional mentions per week on  K100, 98.3, and 94.5 for 4 weeks . That is a minimum of  300 promotional mentions!

Promos will air on all 3 stations M-Sunday 6a-12m, :30 seconds in length … The promotional announcements will guide our listeners about the promotion, how to enter, and mention our sponsors.  (Name of our sponsors)

Sponsor logo inclusion on the official “BUCK FEVER” contest page of all 3 stations for the promotional time frame above

All sponsors MUST donate 3 prizes in which can be product from your business, or certificate/gift card form.  Prizes are for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for the contest.  First place prize must have a minimum retail value of $100 with final approval from Cumulus

This promotion is only available for 7 sponsors

Interested in being a Sponsor?

Contact us at or call (419)725-5700.