Cumulus Toledo will have “Pizza Week” once per quarter in 2024!

There will be One (1) featured Mexican Restaurant each day Monday through Friday the weeks of 2/19, 4/29, 7/15 and 10/7. 

Our listeners will have the opportunity to purchase MAILED gift certificates to your establishment.  Each establishment will need to provide a minimum of 100 gift certificates with a value of $50 each.

As a participating establishment, you will receive inclusion mentions during the tease week prior to the on sale and a bank of commercials.

Details for our partners:

Beyond a standard radio and digital campaign, a unique feature of the Sweet Deals program is the opportunity to speak directly to our audience through an on-air interview (2-min interview)/sampling segment with one of our live shows.  This interview is not something that is available to most of our clients and will be exclusive to your business. On-Air interview on K100, 93.5, 94.5 and 105.5 the morning of your deal – bring food or product and talk with our hosts!

This is a CASH-Free Investment for your business.

350 recorded announcements Sat-Thu 6a-12m. You will get :50 exclusive ad copy inclusion in these :60 commercials. (175 terrestrial commercials/175 streaming commercials)

70 live inclusion mentions the week of your sale AND the tease week you will receive another 140 pre-recorded and LIVE inclusion mentions!

Web presence in three key areas:

Sweet Deals logos/links are on all our station websites.

Featured positioning on the Sweet Deals website when your deal goes live.

Detail page with marketing for your business, address, phone number, website link and more!

Email blast/Social Media linking to your deal on the day of sale.

Database of those who purchased your deal – name, address, email.Heat Map showing where customer purchases were made!

Interested in this package?

Contact us at or call (419)725-5700.